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USAID Launches Program, Highlights Ugandan Government Commitment to Fighting Disease


USAID, in collaboration with 13 ministries of health, formally launched a new program to control and eliminate five NTDs in Southeast Asia, East Africa and elsewhere. The five-year, USAID-funded Act to End NTDs | East program is successor to USAID’s ENVISION project. The launch of the new program took place April 29-30 in Kampala.

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USAID Supports Clinical Trials for Lymphedema Relief


For people with disfiguring lymphedema, the hope that a drug may help reduce inflammation and swelling — potentially returning to them a life of dignity — is huge cause for celebration. USAID is supporting clinical drug trials in three countries to further this important work.

Photo Credit: RTI International



World Lymphedema Day is an annual day of celebration held March 6th to educate the world about lymphedema and lymphatic diseases. Learn more how USAID and partners are keeping up the fight against lymphatic filariasis.