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A pair of hands hold medicine. Photo Credit: RTI International/ Muhammad Fadli

The Best Medicine


See how USAID is working alongside the Government of Indonesia in their quest to eliminate the debilitating disease lymphatic filariasis.

More Resources for NTD Research. Photo Credit: Task Force for Global Health.

More Resources for NTD Research


USAID’s Neglected Tropical Diseases Division is pleased to announce new funding for research to support NTD programs through a five-year, nearly $30 million grant extension to the Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD).

Photo credit: RTI International

USAID Launches Program, Highlights Ugandan Government Commitment to Fighting Disease


USAID, in collaboration with 13 ministries of health, formally launched a new program to control and eliminate five NTDs in Southeast Asia, East Africa and elsewhere. The five-year, USAID-funded Act to End NTDs | East program is successor to USAID’s ENVISION project. The launch of the new program took place April 29-30 in Kampala.