What We Do

A close up of pill bottles while worker measures height of a boy in the background
Child receives medicine

Mass Drug Administration

The NTD Program supports the scaling up of the integrated mass drug administration (MDA) approach by supporting target countries to map disease burden, gain access to donated NTD drugs, train community drug distributors, distribute drugs, and monitor and evaluate program performance and impact.

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Mobile Trachiasis Surgery Team, Cameroon

Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention

The NTD Program supports morbidity management and disability prevention (MMDP) through technical and programmatic assistance to national governments seeking to strengthen in-country capacity to provide quality services for the management of morbidity, disability and disfigurement related to trachoma and lymphatic filariasis.

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A worker prepares a test


The NTD Program invests in priority research needs for NTD control and elimination to guide improved mapping, stop treatment decision-making and sustainable disease surveillance. This research addresses challenges in effectively scaling up programs, scaling down programs when goals are reached, and sustaining achieved reductions in disease prevalence.

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