Photo Credit: Act to End NTDs | West

Last week, sectors across the Government of Senegal validated a three-year, multi-sector sustainability plan for NTDs. With high-level representatives across the government attending, the newly validated plan is the next step in Senegal’s journey to defeat disease.

USAID extends congratulations to all sectors, especially the Ministry of Health and Social Action and its National Program for the Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, for their leadership developing the plan. This demonstration of political will and commitment will further enable the Government to control and eliminate NTDs.

In addition to the health sector, other government ministries, including Education, Water and Sanitation, Environment, Finance, Community Development, etc., formally expressed commitment to the plan during the meeting in Dakar.

The validation of this plan is the culmination of a tremendous amount of coordination and collaboration across numerous stakeholders spanning multiple sectors. Prior to the meeting, these stakeholders from the public and private sectors engaged in a planning workshop, situational analysis, and contributed to an extensive multi-sector plan development process.

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