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More than 1.6 billion people are at risk of painful, disabling Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Many people living with NTDs are stigmatized, are absent from or cannot participate fully in school, or are unable to find work putting them at greater risk of poverty.


USAID is working to address five of the most burdensome NTDs that are preventable and treatable with safe, effective medicines.


USAID works alongside countries to achieve the elimination of lymphatic filariasis, trachoma, and onchocerciasis in supported countries.

Since 2006, 13-USAID supported countries have eliminated at least one NTD—and more disease eliminations are fast approaching.

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Within 5 years, USAID’s goal is for more than 15 countries to eliminate one of these three NTDs:
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To eliminate lymphatic filariasis
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To eliminate blinding trachoma
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To eliminate river blindness

USAID also works with 11 countries for treatment of intestinal worms and 10 countries for treatment of schistosomiasis.


Since 2006, USAID has worked alongside more than 30 countries to fight these diseases and strengthen health systems to respond to them long-term.


Considered a “best buy” in global health, U.S. investments to end NTDs are highly effective. The results below were supported by USAID.

See detailed charts featuring annual results, drug donations, and investments.

* Results cumulative from 2006-2021 unless otherwise noted.

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have eliminated at least one NTD as a public health problem as of May 2023
0 Countries
have eliminated lymphatic filariasis
0 Countries
have eliminated river blindness
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have eliminated trachoma
0 Billion
treatments delivered
0 Billion
individuals treated
0 Billion
leveraged in donated drugs
0 Countries
have validated a national NTD sustainability plan
0 Countries
are making progress to control schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminths
0 Million
people no longer require treatment for lymphatic filariasis
0 Million
people no longer require treatment for trachoma
0 Million
people no longer require treatment for river blindness


USAID partners with countries and communities to control and eliminate NTDs.

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