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One Billion and Counting

The One Billion and Counting campaign highlights the success of USAID’s NTD program as we support the delivery of the ONE BILLIONTH treatment in 2014. USAID Assistant Administrator for Global Health, Dr. Ariel Pablos-Méndez, officially launched the One Billion and Counting global campaign in Haiti, May 8, 2014, with a visit to a mass drug administration site in Saint-Louis-du-Sud. The campaign will run through October 2014. A highlight of the campaign will be recognizing Unsung Heroes to honor local community volunteers – the true heroes of the campaign to eliminate NTDs.

USAID’s NTD Program started in 2006 with a small investment in five countries, and since then has grown to cover 25 countries. With the delivery of over 1 billion treatments to date, the NTD program is at a critical step in reaching vulnerable communities suffering from needless disability, childhood malnutrition, reduced school enrollment and hindered economic productivity.

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USAID's NTD Program has helped deliver 1 billion treatments to 456 million people in the world's poorest communities. Photo of women and children waiting in a line.

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