Mr. Julius Peter Okello

Photo source: USAID

District Coordinator, NTD Control Program, Katakwi District

Mr. Okello has been the Katakwi District NTD Coordinator since 2002, when the program to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (LF) was launched. Since taking on this position, Mr. Okello has made numerous contributions to the success of the Uganda NTD program, including:

  • Building and mentoring a strong team in a remote district with staffing constraints, and successfully advocating within the district to allocate funds for support supervision by district staff;
  • Initiating disability management and demonstrating that simple hygiene practices can significantly improve the lives of LF victims with chronic manifestations;
  • Establishing linkages with local non-governmental organizations working on disability management; and
  • Serving as a valued central trainer and supervisor.

Under his leadership, the Katakwi District was cited by USAID, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health as the best district in Uganda in implementing NTD treatment and data management. Having stopped mass treatment campaigns after reaching a prevalence level of 0.1% for lymphatic filariasis, Katakwi is on the path to its elimination.