Mr. Abdou supervising a surgeon

Mr. Abdou, left, supervises a trichiasis surgeon during a mobile surgery campaign in Cameroon’s North region in June 2017. Photo Credit: William Nsai/HKI

Several weeks had passed since Abdou Njanga, a senior ophthalmic technician in Cameroon, had seen his patient.

“When she saw me from far away, she started dancing, and continued all the way until she reached us,” he said. “And she fell into my arms. That made me profoundly happy.”

Mr. Abdou had performed trichiasis surgery on the 35-year-old woman, saving her remaining vision and ending her pain. Her reaction would make any surgeon proud, but for Mr. Abdou, it was doubly gratifying. Mr. Abdou had recently greatly increased his commitment to trichiasis patients, training to become a supportive supervisor to fellow surgeons.

A full version of this article was originally available on USAID’s MMDP Project website. The MMDP Project closed in 2019.