Over one billion people are affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)—that staggering statistic means 1 out of 5 people globally live with one or more of these diseases. NTDs are a group of parasitic, bacterial, and viral diseases that affect poor and marginalized people disproportionately. If untreated in early stages, these diseases can cause permanent mobility issues, blindness, pain, and other problems. Many people living with NTDs are stigmatized, are absent from or cannot participate fully in school, or are unable to find work putting them at greater risk of poverty.

In these three short videos, learn more about NTDs and what is being done to control and eliminate them.

Video 1: The Journey to End NTDs – What are NTDs?

Video 2: The Journey to End NTDs – How it works

Video 3: The Journey to End NTDs – The road to elimination